Weai??i??ve all grown up with the same passion, music. Now we want to share this passion via the Internet. Shoeclack was born from a desire to share what music can bring to the world in terms of ai???experience and emotionai???.

We are targeting a precise type of event. Music Festivals are what we consider to be the best definition of a ai???musical experienceai???. That is why Shoeclack will convey the atmosphere of music festivals regardless of the time or place you find yourself on the planet. We want our audience to experience and re-experience the best weekend of their year. Or what might have been the best weekend of their year.

We propose more than just a blog. Shoeclack is a complete Internet Platform, which offers users content related to their favourite music festival, exclusive videos, interviews with musicians and much more. Our promise is a music festival year round!

Why the name ai???Shoeclackai????

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It is often said that music is to be found in our roots. In entrepreneur Martin Bertrandai??i??s case it is in his genes. At a young age his father passed on this passion and knowledge of music, and live shows. As a young man Martinai??i??s father was an impresario in Quebec City. But more importantly, he was a DJ at Le Shoeclack DAi??chainAi??, the cityai??i??s coolest music and dance club.

So it is with respect, or with a certain passing of the flame, that we decided to go with the name. We find that it is gentle tip of the hat, and a form of thanks, to the preceding generation for this beautiful legacy.

Shoeclack, whatai??i??s that?

It is a new platform that brings you content & news from all the music festival in Canada and in the world. Articles, news, videos, photos and more on every festival in one place. Delivery to you what it is like to go to a festival, we hope that you’ll attempt one of them because of us.

We are talking original content providingAi??live from festivals; interviews with your favourite musicians, festival organizers as well as fans in the heart of the audience.Ai??Do not miss one thing from the music festival action with us.