Day 2 at Canadian Music Week – Photos Recap

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What is hard with the Canadian Music Week is that the shows are really late. That means we are staying up late and then waking up the next morning to get the work done. But I won’t complain because my job is awesome and I see so many great shows during festivals! Here are some of our photo highlights from our second day at CMW 2016.

Canadian Music Week

Day 3 – 6th of May 2016

The day started a bit weird. Had to run for a business lunch at The Drake Hotel for noon. Then the action started again. Back at The Porch for a special Wayhome party: Free Crab, meat and poutine!!! Then head off to the hotel to finally go back to the Google Play office where, again, we had free food and free drinks! It feels a bit like if CMW during the day is only about that. I’m not complaining though.

Then a quick stop for dinner and we are back to see some shows. At first, we head quick to the Mod Club to catch Mura Masa, probably the artist I absolutely don’t want to miss this year. But once in we realize that the show is at 10pm and it’s only 8pm… So we have time and we head towards the Horseshoe Tavern for the Dine Alone Records showcase to see Alberta Cross! Then go back to Mura Masa for an incredible show.

Then we went to this Heavy Trip / M for Montreal / Exclaims “secret party”. The place is just incredible!!! A few songs from She Devils and then we signed off for the night! See you tomorrow CMW.

Here are some of our photos from the night:


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