Day 1 at Canadian Music Week – Photos Recap

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Thursday 5th of May, Shoeclack is in Toronto for the Canadian Music Week (CMW). We spend most of the day outside with a perfect weather and then a lot of shows at night. It was a pretty first day and here's the photos recap of it!

Canadian Music Week

Day 1 – 5th of May

“What is happening here?” – 2 sweet grandmothers in the Sheraton’s lobby

Well… It’s the Canadian Music Week happening in Toronto. Kind of a music festival but for the music industry. It’s a week where artists do a lot of showcases (small shows) and try to be seen by music buyers, festivals Booker, labels and media. Getting attention from the press is really hard nowadays so company and labels organize parties, showcase nights and other after-party to bring you and show you their artists. But more than that, it’s also a week where you can attend to a lot of great conferences, panels and “meet the delegates” activities.

You, as public, may not have heard of it a lot but for us in the “business” it’s a really big week in Toronto. So here’s what Shoeclack did during his first day.



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