A perfect Field Trip in Toronto – DAY 1 (Photos)

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It's our first time at Field Trip music festival in Toronto. This festival takes place in the historical site Fork York downtown Toronto. Here are some pictures from our 1st day at the festival!

Day 1 at Field Trip Festival Toronto

There is everything you need at Field Trip; good music, not too many people, good food trucks and day 1 was under a shiny sun! For my first time at Field Trip, I would say that is the family vibe that made me smile a lot. It’s rare to see that many young kids with their parents at a music festival. Yes, there is some fair or small family music festival where you see a lot of those kids but none of them have The National as headliners! You may know that I’m a big Newport Folk Fest fan and this festival made me feel a bit like it was in Newport.

But what surprised me the most is probably the clash in between the crowd… Let me explain! It’s weird to see all those hipsters and festivals chicks floating around those kids and their parents without any problem. It’s like if for one day everybody were just enjoying good music and a good weekend!

Let see what Day 2 will look like tomorrow!

Check out the photos below


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