Top Albums to Buy from the Liste de Noël de Poulet Neige

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Montreal music junkies rejoice! The Liste de Noël de Poulet Neige has returned for a sixth straight year, and with it comes a long list of free albums from (mostly) Montreal-based acts announced earlier yesterday. It's an extensive list for sure, but there's bound to be something that fills your ears up with Christmas-esque cheer for you to order. With that, here are Shoeclack's picks for the best albums to check out from this year's list.

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Caltâr-Bateau – La bavure des possessions (Montreal)

Chapelier Fou – Deltas (Metz, France)

Corridor – Le voyage éternel (Montreal)

Dear Criminals – Strip (Montreal)

Hologramme – self-titled (Montreal)

Julien Sagot – Valse 333 (Montreal)

Le Couleur – Dolce Désir (Montreal)

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