What you must know about Sudbury

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For those who are not from Sudbury, here are five things that you have to know about the city if you attend Northern Lights Festival Boréal this weekend, so you can enjoy the city after the concerts.

1. Sudbury is great for outdoor activities

Officially the Canadian city with the largest number of lakes, her size (ten hectares within the city limits) and parks allow festival-goers to relax far from the decibels. Why don’t you find a quiet spot on a lake and bring the new friend you just met at the Wintersleep concert?

2. You can eat and drink well in the Nickel Capital

Before and after the concerts, you will want to eat something and to have a drink. Several places can satisfy you. First of all, the classic meeting spot of Sudbury musicians, The Townhouse, the official after-parties bar of the festival. Good beer, good burgers and good concerts almost every night. Eating with live music isn’t your thing? The Laughing Buddah restaurant, on the top of its great beer selection, offers healthy pizzas and delicious vegetarian courses. Don’t feel like eating hummus? Ribs, pulled-pork burgers, fried chicken, Leslie’s Charbroil & Grill will satisfy your carnivorous instincts and for cheap (they’re also officially Sudbury’s Best Poutine, if you trust their sign). You prefer picnics? Head to la Fromagerie Elgin, there they will prepare you some good sandwiches and pastries. Also, if you’re looking for the best burgers in town, go to Deluxe Burgers.

3. Sudbury was founded in a crater formed by a meteorite crash 1.85 million years ago

It’s not really an attraction, but this fact can easily be pulled out in any conversation and make you look like a connoisseur.

4. Sudbury has a junior hockey team in the Ontario Hockey League

If you suddenly really want to watch a hockey game (or rather want to visit the arena, because the season is over), the Sudbury Wolves exist. Marc Staal, Benoit Pouliot, Mike Smith, Fedor Fedorov, every Foligno, Ron Duguay and many more have all been Wolves. These are also facts that can make you look good in a conversation.

5. Sudbury is a center of the franco-Ontarian community

In Sudbury, bilingualism is really important. Because of that, a particular and unique culture exists there and the NLFB lineup represents that reality. This is not a political statement, only a fact, just saying.

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