Memories of a Festival #7: Foreign Diplomats at Montreal International Jazz Festival

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Foreign Diplomats opened up for Violent Femmes, an American punk rock band from Wisconsin, at a show that was part of Montreal's International Jazz Festival on July 3rd 2014. This was a big step for the band's career a couple years back. We spoke to Foreign Diplomats, as part of Shoeclack's Memories of a Festival series, who told us why this show has remained memorable for them.

Story by Foreign Diplomats, in reference to their time playing at Metropolis as part of Montreal’s International Jazz Festival in 2014, as told to Shoeclack. 

“We were playing the Jazz Festival in Montreal and at this point in our career we only had our EP out [Foreign Diplomats EP from 2013] and we were playing before Violent Femmes [an American punk rock band from Wisconsin]. We were all pretty stressed out and nervous backstage because this was a big step in our career.


The manager of Violent Femmes came backstage to ask Thomas [Thomas Bruneau Faubert, who plays the trombone and synths) ] to join the band on stage and he completely chocked. He didn’t want to do it, he didn’t think he could. Our manager kept telling him that he just had to do it, he couldn’t miss out on this opportunity. Finally, when Violent Femmes came to personally ask him to go up on stage with them, then he did finally accept. He went on stage with them for just one song, but it was perfect. The guys from Violent Femmes are really great guys so the whole thing went smoothly.

Foreign Diplomats standing outside of Metropolis the night of this show. July 3rd, 2014

Foreign Diplomats standing outside of Metropolis the night of this show. July 3rd, 2014

This stuck with us because it was a really big achievement for all of us. To play at Metropolis, not everyone has access to that stage, especially during the International Jazz Festival of Montreal, was a really big deal. We were playing alongside and with a band that we respect and listen to ourselves at a point in our career that we were basically just starting out.”

Foreign Diplomats Upcoming Tour Dates:

Tuesday, July 12 – Festival d’été de Quebec, QC
Saturday, July 30 – Osheaga, Parc Jean Drapeau, Montreal
Saturday, August 6 – L’Ange Cornu, L’Assomption, QC
Saturday, November 19 – La Bashoche, Gatineau, QC

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