M pour Métropolis: Nils Frahm the Hypnotist

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The Cult of Nils Frahm was in full form at M pour Métropolis. Our intrepid blogger checked it out and has some dos and don'ts.

Dont show up early to a dance party

Up to this point I have basically lived my life with two principles:

  • It’s always good to show up late to a dance party[1]
  • Music shows never start on time

With this in mind I made my fashionably late way to the Nils Frahm show @ Metropolis. Mistake.

Dawn of Midi

As I enter the venue, the band is already well into their last song.[2] The pianist has his hand shoved deep inside the piano’s guts, hammering a muffled note, while the upright bass player and the drummer groove through polyrhythms. It feels like a dance hall jazz show. By the time I have my coat off and a beer in my hand, the crowd’s cheering has already subsided. I make my way toward the stage, and end up in the second row behind a couple of scotch aficionado’s that take conservative sips.

Nils Frahm

If the first band is the dawn of MIDI, Nils Frahm is still not much further along in the morning. His setup includes two upright pianos, a Rhodes, a petal controller for the deep bass stuff and another synth, which seems to be analog. The semicircle of halogen lights come to life and a spotlit Nils Frahm walks onto the stage, already loved.


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