Digital Dreams Festival: Heat, Torrential Rain and Good Vibes

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A sweltering 27° swept over Echo Beach. There was a small hill for the attendees to perch themselves in the shade. Earlier the festival even hosted morning yoga to get people limbered up for a full day of raving. Toronto’s iconic CN Tower to the west stood tall above the main stage.

The three stages —Echo Beach, Dream House and Waterfront—- catered to three different crowds. Waterfront kept the chill vibes all day with its jungle decor that enveloped it. Dream House focused on a harder drum and bass scene for day one and a more trance vibe for day two. Finally the MainStage RBC Echo Beach catered to everyone and would hold the closing sets for both nights.

Day 1

As MK started his set the clouds covered the sky and you could feel something was coming in the air. With each bass drop from MK’s set the rain got heavier and heavier. What started as something fun went quickly the other way. Torrential rain just let out, leaving myself and all the attendees compleatly soaked. Little did we know that this rain and impending thundershowers would put the entire festival on pause, forcing all the festival attendees to get rushed to the Budweiser Stage, filling it entirely. This delay cut Steve Angelos set short due.

So, let’s just call the rain showers a nice intermission. Baaur got people going all out after the rain storm bringing back the energy to a “10”. Meanwhile Green Velvet at the Waterfront stage brought things to a smooth house beat.

Above & Beyond closed out day one with a field of trance lovers, with the duo’s very interesting way of communicating with the audience, typing messages on their giant LED dj booth. It gave this never ending feel to the music, with no iterations. “We’ve been having digital dreams they wrote, and Life is made of small moments like these”, ending the night in a blissful moment.

Day 2

The first thing everyone did was check the weather and the festival gods delivered on a gorgeous sunny day. The festival started at 2 o’clock with people flocking to Echo Beach in masses. By mid-day the site was filled with more than 20,000 people. First responders reminded everyone as they entered to apply sunscreen and stay hydrated during the day’s festivities.

The Waterfront’s main attraction for day two was definitely DJ HANZEL – aka Dillon Francis’ alter “deep house” ego. Who would like else but to Go von deepa.” the crowd filled the small stage by the water. Planes from Billy Bishop airport flew over all day long keeping the vibes kept going.

Meanwhile in the Dream House, Mark Sixma packed in everyone he could, even forcing people to rave outside. But that was no problem as the organizers had a 10-foot stack of speakers facing outside to please all who passed in front.

When hometown heroes DVBBS —-the brother Alex and Chris— and one of Canada’s hottest export in the EDM world the took the stage they made sure to show out for the six. Packing everyone to the main stage for a gold sky set. Filled with pyro and fireworks, DVBBS lit up the crowd. The duo also announced that they were working on a new Netflix documentary and filmed a massive “get low” for the opening of the series.

“It feels so good to be home right now” said Alex as he brought out Happy Sometimes to sing their new single Parallel Lines. DVBBS finished on a high which is where Dillstradamus picked it right back up. As the festival headliners and closers they knew they were in for one hell of a show. On either side of the stage they had platforms for the artists to run up on to jump and hype up the crowd.

Which they did to bring this Digital Dreams Festival to a close.



A text by: Maurice Vienot

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