5 pop questions for 5 artists at Pop Montreal: Homeshake

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Whether you call his music slacker rock, lo-fi or “jizz-jazz” (a.k.a. the genre of the guy he used to play guitar with, Mac DeMarco), Peter Sagar’s music is groovy, chilled out and very smooth. With his new album Midnight Snack set to be released on September 18, Shoeclack caught up with the Montreal-via-Edmonton artist also known as Homeshake via phone while he was on tour in the States to ask him five questions ahead of his upcoming show at La Vitrola the night before.

Why do you think Pop Montreal is called “Pop Montreal” when it’s not really about pop music?

I don’t know! I never really thought about it, I guess. It’s probably just a name that they chose and then they were stuck with it after they had a second festival. Who knows? You’d have to ask one of them. What can I say?

What’s your pop music guilty pleasure?

I’d like to start that by saying I have zero guilty pleasures. But I don’t know, it would probably be that new Rihanna song… “Bitch Better Have My Money”. That song’s fuckin’ irritatingly good. I don’t like that I like that, even though I like other music like that, but I like that song a lot. Let’s go with that.

What is it about Montreal that you like the most?

I like that I don’t need to work a [regular] job when I live there, and it isn’t very expensive which I appreciate because I don’t really have very expensive taste, so I can just kind of relax and do my thing very easily. Also, it’s filled with all my best buds.

What’s your favourite venue in Montreal?

I really like playing Casa [del Popolo]; it’s a nice standing room [venue], it’s nice and small… But [La] Vitrola’s cool also… I like Drones Club a lot, but… I have a hand in that, so maybe it’s not in my best interest to say I like it.

What form of transportation should people take during Pop Montreal?

During Pop Montreal, they should ride their bicycles: to shows, Pop shows, maybe you have a basket with a six pack in it – or maybe you don’t drink, that’s cool too… There’s pretty good bike paths in Montreal. The roads are pretty fucked – I definitely broke some stuff on my bike… I went through whatever pothole because I wasn’t paying attention and my bike wheel broke, because the roads in Montreal are ridiculous. As long as you’re careful, then it’s good to ride your bike to shows.

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